We create imaginative, engaging and visually exciting courses the Adventure Golf people who putt the fun into golf

The benefits of Adventure / Mini Golf to a Leisure operator are clear

Benefits of Adventure Golf

Adventure Golf requires none of the costly maintenance and constant safety checks associated with other rides and attractions.

It can be positioned so that it requires little or no additional staffing.

Families are happy to pay an additional fee to play, creating a whole new revenue stream.

As a business concept in its own right Adventure Golf has the enviable reputation of returning initial investment in full, within the first 1-3 years of operation.

We design all of our course layouts and themed environments in house, in the UK.

Course Design

This allows us to retain complete authority over the design process whilst offering our clients the flexibility to have input in their investment at all stages of production.
This ensures that our clients get exactly the product they want.


We design our courses with Mobility access in mind, ensuring that everybody is included in the fun.

We can finish your course using a variety of materials . . .


Natural Stone, Artificial Rock, Rustic Timber, Finished Timber or any number of other materials or finishes to suit the course’s immediate surroundings or the chosen theme.

If you are a larger leisure provider or holiday resort operator with Adventure Golf at several of your venues and are now looking to roll the concept out across your remaining sites, continuity in style may be a significant factor when choosing the right developer.

By providing this flexible approach to our use of materials to provide different finishes and styles, Adventure Golf Limited offer investors a further choice when deciding which developer to employ.


We are happy to be as flexible as you need us to be.

Self Design Course

To allow prospective investors the flexibility to complete a course as a 'self-build' project, we are happy to provide all the major elements of a course as individual parts.

Investors may choose to cherry pick certain elements. For example, they may decide that they don’t require waterfalls, streams and lagoons, and therefore the costs for creating these features could be invested into theming, or simply be made into a saving.

Whilst many larger leisure companies may possess their own resources when it comes to design and theming of a course, only requiring our services for the specialist area of course layout and construction.